What Causes Oil Field Injuries?

As of December 2022, more than 136,000 people work in oil and gas extraction. These workers require specialized skills, equipment, and crew to drill and service an oil well. 

Yet because of the level of danger that working in an oil field can present, a number of workers are exposed to life-altering injury.

The oil extraction industry carries strict regulation and safety standards, but companies may not always protect employees adequately. In this event, they are open to liability for a rig worker’s injury. 

Here are 5 common injuries from oil and gas extraction.


Explosions can lead to severe or fatal injury. They are caused by defective equipment, and not following safety procedures correctly. 

A single spark from faulty equipment can set off a fire, or explosion as it comes into contact with noxious gasses and electrical equipment on the oil field.

Well Blowouts

Occasionally, the pressure system of an oil well fails. And when this happens, gas, oil, and debris are all released from the well. As these elements escape, once again, one small spark can start a fire or explosion.

Equipment That Malfunctions

All tools require regular maintenance. And in an industry that requires specialized tools with high-profile safety protocols, malfunctioning equipment can be extremely dangerous. 

A worker might not be able to complete a task, and at worst, can be severely or fatally harmed as a result of faulty equipment. A leak from a damaged pipeline or tank can also cause an explosion if it comes into contact with a flammable source.

Poor Training

Proper training can help reduce error. However, the need for experienced workers can sometimes cause a team to bring on a new hire and put them out in the oil field before they’re ready and fully trained. Yet adequate training is imperative to ensure fewer errors.


Not Following Safety Protocols

Safety measures are designed for both oil field employees and the environment. However, when an operator decides to ignore safety measures in exchange for increased profit, workers experience an increased risk of exposure to danger in the form of accidents and explosions on the job.


Slips and Falls 

Oil field workers may mount structures that are high above the ground. And a slip can result in brain injury, broken bones, paralysis, or death. 

The nature of working on an oil field is very dangerous, and mounting platforms and equipment at significant heights adds more danger to the job.

The ideal balance is one where you have a well-trained team that practices safety precautions every minute of every day. Your team should follow procedures fully without cutting corners. Furthermore, you should also wear protective gear and do regular equipment checks.

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